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Behind the Counter

Behind The Counter

Pile of JewelleryIf you ever go to a fair or car boot sale you will always find that the seller has a box of stuff that they haven't sorted through yet.  If you get the chance, its always good to get a look in the box as there are likely to be treasures that other haven't seen yet.

Wish-ListWe have tried to create the same sort of thing on our web site. We have loads of items from years of collecting and we would love to get them into the shop but there really isn't the time to describe everything.  What we have done is made available photographs of items that we intend to sell, but haven't got around to describing yet.

How it works

We have given you the ability to browse through pictures of items.  There are no descriptions, information or even a title.  But, if you see something you like then you can request a description and price for the item.  You could even just make an offer!


We have created a wish-list which works alongside the basket except it allows you to submit a request for further information rather than actually buying the item.  Wherever you see an item that you like the look of then you should click the "Add to Wish-list" link.

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